Monday, May 16, 2005


FiFi Awards Gift Bag

FiFi Awards Gift Bag

No, I'm not a star and haven't (yet) attended a FiFi award event. So, what happens when my two major hobbies collide? I won Star magazine's FiFi Awards Gift Bag!

It arrived in a huge box and included:

A Kathy Van Zeeland bag - I will probably give this to my Mom as it's just not my style.
Two Tray6 umbrellas
Two Casaouri bags
A bracelet from Ice.com
America's Top Model season 1 on DVD
The soundtrack to Wicked - I love Kristin Chenoweth!!!
One Slatkin & Co. Kabbalah Candle in Spiritual Cleansing - this came melted because of the heat
One box of b.sweets Chocolate Rx - I put this in the fridge as I'm sure it also melted.
John Allen's Face Moisturizer
Zia Ultimates Body Butter
Zia Ultimates Age-Defying Body Buff
Zia Ultimates Ultimate Body Firming Treatment
Bumble and Bumble gentle shampoo and conditioner
Bumble And Bumble grooming cream
Ramy double compact
Lola Gloss Menagerie
Lola Mini lip gloss keychain
Lola Glo la Shimmering dry body oil
Lola Sprinkle Me Lola Shimmer Powder Brush
Prescriptives Intensive Rebuilding Eye Cream
Earrings from Dangle and Swank
A bottle of Chloe Collection 2005 3.4 oz.
A bottle of Bijan Women 1.7 oz.
A bottle of B Men by Thierry Mugler 1.7 oz.
A bunch of MoMints in peppermint, cinnamon and winterburst
And NYC area certificates for:
1 workout session at Cordell Fitness
1 Free Eyebrow shaping at RAMY spa
1 one week pass at Equinox fitness club
A personal training session at Pure Power Boot Camp
$20 off your first order with laundryspa.com
and a free appointment to Blow styling salon.

As I was opening the box, my sister ran over and started opening up the purse which had even more stuff in it! I had no idea that I won anything so I was incredibly excited! As a Frag Hag, I'm disappointed that the bag didn't include more fragrances! Then again, there aren't too many people who know what the FiFi's are!

You win something very often!! Congratulations--I couldn't be happier that it went to you...although I could be very happy with that bag myself. ;-D
Wait...Bijan? They gave you Bijan? I didn't know it was still being made.
Sand, I don't know how you win so many things! Are you one of those people who enters sweepstakes for a living? I must say, that's quite a haul you got there!

Hopefully I won't forget to log on to the Sampler site this afternoon for a subscription...
Congrats! But have to join you in dismay...where are all the perfumes???
Holy crap, girl. You must reveal your contest-winning secrets. I have only won one thing in my whole life, and that was a copy of Microsoft XP for Office that I got after I dropped my business card in a fishbowl at a life insurance conference that I was writing an article about. That prize was especially hilarious because I have a Mac.
Wowza - that's cool. I'm jealous of the B*Men alone. Lucky, lucky, lucky.
Hey Sali,

I made a mistake, it was Bijan Style that arrived - not the original. Isn't it cool!


I just enter as many contests as I can and see what I win - I've been very, very lucky!

Did you get into the sampler? They sold out in under two minutes! The first month I tried, I couldn't figure it out and they sold out in eight minutes. Then last time it was four and now under two!


I expected way more juice but three bottles aren't too bad...right!


I enter all the contests through
I've been very lucky!


Isn't it so cool! Man, oh man - I was excited going through the box!
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