Wednesday, May 25, 2005


Fleur de Sephora - Peony

Fleur de Sephora - Peony

Today I'm wearing Fleur de Sephora's Peony fragrance. I got this free with a Sephora order with a Shop Etc. code last year. I had forgotten about this fragrance and hasn't smelled it as I was thinking of giving it as a gift but I smelled in person at Sephora in Scottsdale and decided to keep it.

Sephora describes it as: Peony blends the opulent, slightly spicy peony blossom with the sparkling freshness of fresh raspberries for the ultimate in warmth and sincerity.

It's basically an even mixture of peony and raspberries. It smells very nice, the raspberry in here isn't at all like Bath and Body Works' Sun Ripen Raspberry which gives me an automatic headache. The entire fragrance smells very light and refreshing and I wouldn't hesitate to buy it again.

This would be a great all day fragrance in warmer months like today with a high of 100° today! It retails for $28/1.69 Eau de Toilette at Sephora.

How funny - I used the same code and got the Rose, which is rose with a touch of what smells like lily and peony in it. I think it's quite nice too, nothing extraordinary, but fairly pleasant. The touch of lily makes it very cool and refreshing, and I should dig it out for these hot days coming up. And I have somewhere a sample of the Peony you've just inspired me to try out tomorrow.
I wondered what these are like. Thanks for the description.

Hope all is well.

Hi K,

Please test it and let me know your opinion on it.

Hi N,

I find Sephora's fragrances to be very linear. Not that that's a bad thing.

Wore the Peony... and wow, I get a different scent that what you get. Peony with something a little dark at first, almost musky I'd say. It fades to peony with just a tinge left of the musk that reveals something fairly grassy. It actually wears just a bit acrid on my skin because of the grassiness. And then finally peony with some fruitiness, but it's fairly transparent for fruit. I can't tell what it is! It might be raspberry on me, might not... the peony predominates clean through the wear. Not that I'm surprised: fruits and berries especially have a tendancy to fade on my skin with certain perfumes. Crazy how different from the description of your experience.
Oh K,

I'd be dissapointed in it as well. It's really lovely on my skin but I do happen to wear berries well.
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