Monday, May 16, 2005


Ginestet Botrytis

Ginestet Botrytis

I decided to try Bizzy B's Creme Brulee lotion today which is sweet with a tiny hit of spice. I thought about which fragrance would compliment it best and finally settled on Ginestet Botrytis which was introduced to me by the wonderful Jonna.

According to Luckyscent, the notes in Botrytis are: honey, candied fruits, quince, pain d’epice, white flowers among some secret notes.

Honey is the most predominant note in this fragrance, followed by the candied fruits and gingerbread spices. I smell no floral notes in here at all.

As the scent of creme brulee lotion died down, the Botrytis didn't seem as sweet. I wouldn't say that the lotion made it smell any better, it just made it seem a bit sweeter. The Botrytis on it's own is quite sweet but that is cut through by its spices.

While this wears better as an all day fragrance in colder months, it's quite a cozy fragrance on this humid spring day.

Botrytis retails for $85/3.4 oz. at Beautyhabit and for $90/3.4 oz. at Luckyscent.

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