Tuesday, May 10, 2005


Happy Birthday Sali

Happy Birthday Sali!!!

Today I'm wearing Pink Manhattan Purrfume because it's Sali's birthday! I'm not one to let jealousy corrupt my heart but if I were, I'd be jealous of Sali! Who wouldn't, she's stunning and incredibly talented but it's her soul and spirit that make her even more beautiful! While we shouldn't judge a book by it's cover, with Sali her inside is even more beautiful than her outside and that is saying a lot - look at her! And it boggles me even more that she's so humble about it - I know I wouldn't be! ;)

Happy Birthday Beautiful Sali! May all your dreams come true this year and the ones to follow!

What a sweet tribute!
OMG, I am dying!!!! I'm sorry I hadn't logged on till today!

Thank you, my beautiful Sand...
Nothing but blessings Sali! You deserve them and so much more!
BTW, I'm very serious that lighting and Photoshop can change anything. I don't look like that in real life just so you know. I had a pro take lots of photos at once and we picked the best one. The others, let's just say, didn't make me look too good. The CD was done independently so the good part is that I had complete control over the way I looked on it.
All the BEST, Sali!

Great photo! I'm bullish on
Thanks, Carol! Bullish on Taureans, eh? What's your sign, lovely lady? Can't wait to hear you sing one of these days--you know I'm waitin'. ;-D
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