Friday, May 13, 2005


I got a mask stuck to my face.


Last night my sister wanted to give me a four layer facial, she had only done this once before but told me that my skin would feel divine afterwards. I figured it would be better for her to screw up on me than with a paying client at first.

So she's going through the steps of the facial and the last step is a mineral mask which hardens like cement on your face. It'a a bit like those Plaster of Paris masks you make of your face. I once saw an episode of Rescue 911 where they forgot to apply petroleum jelly to the face, so the mask stuck to the person!

Anyhow, as luck would have it - this mask stuck to my face! At least it only stuck to the side of my face where the tendrils are at. We were able to pry most of it off except once small piece which was ripped from my face along with a few hairs. *sobs*

While it hurt, my face looks good!

Above is a picture of the two main skincare lines she used in school. Dermologica and Éminence Éminence is an organic line that smells divine - will try their products further. I wasn't very impressed with Dermalogica which left my skin rather dry.

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