Friday, May 27, 2005


Jasmine de Nuit

Jasmine de Nuit

After hearing raves of The Different Company's Jasmine de Nuit I had to test it out. I used to loathe jasmine but changed my mind when I first tested Lush's Silky Underwear and then Serge Lutens' A La Nuit and since then my mind has forever changed on jasmine.

Described on the website as: Jasmine de Nuit is a childhood dream, the sweetness of the flower that opens at nightfall mingles with a hint of star anise on a bed of amber. Egyptian jasmine is abundantly here and combined with spices such as cardamom, and cinnamon, delivers a series of sweet yet powerful sensual notes.

Oflactory note: Floral and amber, fruity black current.

Main components: Egyptian jasmine, Badain (Star Jasmine), Ceylon, Cinnamon, Cardamom, Sandalwood, Amber.

It starts of an incredibly pure and vibrant jasmine which lasted a a minute or two on me and then the spices came into play. Spices *sobs* why do spices always move my heart. I just adore spices in anything and this mix is incredible.

I've smelled this mixture of spices before and couldn't quite put my finger on it but then remembered a tea I bought last December from Izadra called Jul which was their special holiday tea which contained whole black leaf tea, cinnamon, cloves, cardamom, ginger and vanilla. I've been hoarding this tea as it was a limited edition and every time I drink it, I've been wishing there was a fragrance that smelled like it.

I didn't smell any sandalwood in here at all and a slight amber fragrance. This fragrance lasts for a long time and remains incredibly beautiful the entire time. *sobs* Why do I have to fall in love with the expensive fragrances? I have fallen in love with this fragrance! A hex on you Different Company for creating this beauty!

Jasmine de Nuit is sold at Lusciouscargo, B-glowing, and Beautyhabit and retails for $120/3 oz.

With code: holiday, B-glowing has it the cheapest through the weekend for $96. Dare I cave?

I say "cave". It sounds lovely!
It really is lovely, I might however buy something else with the code. It may be that I'm rushing it too fast with this fragrance but I am still in love with it - dabbed it on all weekend!
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