Saturday, May 28, 2005


Nanadebary Green

Nanadebary Green

If I had to choose one fragrance as a signature fragrance, it would have to be Nanadebary - now known as Nanadebary Pink. So I have very high expectations for the other fragrances in the Nanadebary line: Bronze and Green. Today I'm sampling Nanadebary Green.

The notes in this fragrance according to Beautyhabit and Luckyscent are: citron, bergamot, basil, cardamom, thyme, musk, vetiver. Luscious Cargo includes green tea as a note.

Having read a review of it on Now Smell This earlier this week I expected it to open up as a masculine scent and it did, heavily. If I hadn't known about this previously, I would have been quite turned off by it but thankfully that was only after a few seconds of initial application. It then starts off basil heavy on me, a very true basil fragrance. It smelled like if I had taken a piece of basil and rubbed it on my skin. Alas, that too only lasts for seconds.

The basil seems to find it's place in the citrus of the fragrance. The hints of spices are only evident if you're really searching for them. After the initial application, the fragrance seems to die down to almost nothing on my skin. I had to reapply several times to get to the point where I could actually smell the entire fragrance. I'm sure when this fragrance is sprayed, there is a much different effect.

After wearing it for a while, I really started to like this fragrance. It's not yet full bottle worthy for me but could move up in rank. I'd settle for a decant of this as I'm curious how it would smell when sprayed. I think this would be absolutely perfect for summer and is a wonderfuly refreshing fragrance.

Nanadebary Green retails for $130/3.3 oz. or $70/1.7 oz. and is sold at Luscious Cargo, Beautyhabit and Luckyscent

Ah, now I understand why Nandebary Green didn't work on me. Because you like it, and we can't have any fragrances in common until after the assimilation! It was really sweet and almost fruity on me. I was disappointed because I want to find a good herbal green scent for summer. Also, the lasting power of Nana Green is very poor at two hours, and I almost never have any problems with lasting power. What a bummer, but it was just way too sweet!
Will be curious to see if you end up buying a bottle, S! Does it remind you of pink at all?
Hey K & R,

The staying power of all three Nana fragrances are incredibly poor on me. That is basically the one thing that would keep me from purchasing it.

It doesn't remind me of pink at all but I always welcome spices in fragrance and it did have a bit of spiciness to it. I would have liked it even more had it been spicier!

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