Monday, May 09, 2005


Pas Simple Chocolate

Pas Simple Chocolate

Kathey was kind enough to send other samples while she Cacao'd me. Among them was Pas Simple's Chocolate, i've never tried Pas Simple and was incredibly curious as I am craving chocolate even more these days! I think Augustus Gloop was very lucky to have fallen into that chocolate river!

Pas Simple's describes their Chocolate as:

Attention gourmand lovers: Here is your fragrance! Presenting a complex, yet accurate, dark chocolate scent combined with a touch of pineapple, white musk, tonka bean, sandalwood, with hints of amber and oakmoss. Pure chocolate on the delivery, pure heaven on the dry-down!

The notes seem crazy, especially with the pineapple but it really works! It smells like a chocolate dessert that has a light touch of pineapple juice. I can't smell the musk, nor the amber but it is a tinge woody, just a tinge. I really liked Dragonfly Blue's truffle collection, Cocoa is my favorite out of that collection. But, I found that it tints my skin and clothes when I use it.

As this is a Eau de Parfum, I wouldn't have to worry about it tinting my skin or clothes. I think this is a wonderful comfort scent that could be worn year round. It's one of those fragrances you wear when lounging around in your pajamas all day or if you're having a pizza and movies kind of night.

It retails for $26/1 oz. and is sold at Pas Simple.

Hi Sand,

Since I am currently on a no food for two day diet, I was drawn into the chocolate post.

Better leave before I start salivating at the fragrance bottle.

Thanks for the post!
Hi B,

It is a really nice fragrance. I keep telling myself that I'm not a gourmand fragrance fiend - but deep down inside I think I may just be one!
Hi Sand~
I *love* this one when I want a less "foody" chocolate (like CSP Amour de Cacao for example). I thought I had better send you a "nice" chocolate scent along with the CACAO!! :)
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