Sunday, May 15, 2005


The Sampler

The Sampler

This was the first time I was able to get a subscription to The Sampler, which is according to the website an ever-changing monthly collection of samples, goodies, promos and more from indie crafters, record labels and zines - mailed right to your door!

As I just adore one of a kind, handcrafted items I was incredibly excited to receive my Sampler package! The contents of my sampler include (from left to right) :

First Row:
A glass hair pin from Starving Artist Bazzar
A ring from Lolly World
A zippered pouch with a blue chick on it from Wonderland Q
A robot patch from ArtAngel "Talco Delicato Mr. Robato"

Second Row:

A mixed-media collage print from Love, Joleen
A mini letter set from Sewing Stars
Issue #8 of Ready Made Magazine
A silk flower pin from Lindsay Designs
A mini note card from Glamscience
A mini art piece from James in May

Third Row:
A button on a card with mini markers in the package from Button Arcade
A Memory card pin and button magnet from Cute as a button
A mini blank book craft kit from Turtle Kisses
A "Little Familiar" button from Little Pagans
A flying dog card from Flying Fish Design

Fourth Row:
A pair of brown stone chip earrings from Tiny Airplanes
A sample of lemon-lime hand scrub from Innerglo home spa products

I'm really happy with the contents of my sampler package. The subscriptions run $15 for one month and $39 for 3 months (more for an international subscription) which includes shipping and handling. I bought a three month subscription and without a doubt subscribe to subsequent samplers!

Whoa! Thanks for all these links! I'm enjoying buzzing around and checking out the folk art (I love folk art) and arts and craftsy stuff. This is fun!!
Neat! I always wondered if the Sampler was worth it. Have you seen this site? I thought of those dessert tray earrings. I'd get the steak pin if it wasn't $10 for something I'd lose in a week anyway but it's so funny! http://www.faeriesmak.com/jewelry.htm

That site is freakin' awesome! Thanks for sharing! I just love stuff like that!
I just googled my company and found that you got my mixed media print in one of your Samplers! :D Thanks for linking me!
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