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Vitiligo is best known as the disease Michael Jackson claims to have changed the color of his skin over the years. I say he claims to have it, because I know what it's like to have Vitiligo and what it's like to lose almost all the pigment in your skin.

I was first diagnosed with Vitiligo when I was around four or five. It started off as little dots of pale skin on my legs and all throughout my childhood for the most part it stayed dormant.

Around ten years ago I started losing pigment at a rapid rate. Growing up I was able to hide it by wearing pants and by wearing long sleeved shirts but I couldn't hide it anymore when I started losing pigment in my face.

I now have lost about 98% of pigment in my skin. Some of the hair on my skin still has a little pigment but most does not.

I have some streaks of white hair in my head but for the most part I look normal now.

I remember the days where I'd walk into a room and all eyes on me. And the questions I'd get - ugh!

Even the most pale people have enough pigment to shield them from the dangerous UVA/UVB rays. Where they tan and then burn. I just straight out burn because there is almost no pigment left in my skin. I can't go outside especially during high UV days without major sunblock and a hat. The reason for the hat is not only to shield me my face from the rays but also my scalp. You see, my scalp burns as well - no pigment there either. I go out without a hat on during those days and I'll be in pain for a week or more because of a scalp burn!

So, I shouldn't have been surprised to find out that my eyelashes are now losing pigment like the rest of my body. I expect that one day I won't have any pigment left in my skin or hair but I guess I didn't expect it to happen so soon.

So instead of wallowing in self pity I'm going to focus on the opportunities that this brings.

1. I can become a female Michael Jackson impersonator.

2. I can go blonde without fears of having tell tale roots!

3. I can invest in colored mascaras and have them show up on my lashes!

4. I can color my hair funky colors without having to bleach it!

5. I can dye my hair green, apply fake bake on my skin and dress like an Oompa Loompa.

6. Or I can dye my skin blue, get off WW and become Violet.

7. I can start a movement where people die their hair, lashes and eyebrows white!

I can't think of three more...think! think! think!

8. Take advantage of those white streaks in your hair. All you need is a teasing comb, eight cans of Aqua Net, and hello, Bride of Frankenstein!
9. You've already got the chest beating Celine Dion impersonation down, so why not take it one step further? That's right, surrender everything to feel the chance to live again, and become one with A-Fed!
Ah, Bride of Frankenstein - I didn't think of that at all!

I should just become a female drag queen and without any color to my hair or skin the possibilities are endless!
Vitiligo is very badly affect not only the skin of a person but on the emotion too. vitiligo petient suffer hardly from the stress and badly cooped by it. At earliest it has been said by some dermatologist that below age of 18 it is easy to halt vitiligo throught some topical treatment but in muture age is a difficult mater. But i recently read post showing some new effective treatment of vitiligo. Now the big organization are searching for the cure of vitiligo using latest resources like new and amazing testosterone gene for which i yesterday read at first time. Althoug some vitiligo orgs says that about 1 to 2% population is caught by vitiligo and it is a tricky mater to completely overcome this.
But dont discourage there is not any disease on the earth for which there is no cure.
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