Monday, May 16, 2005


WW: Finally lost some weight!

WW: Finally lost some weight!

I hopped on the scale this afternoon and found out I lost three pounds! I was working out for two hours a day until my sister arrived - then I just worked out for one hour a day. I ate real ice cream yesterday and the day before and a few peanut butter M&M's and still lost weight - that's a good sign...right?

Well, I logged in my weight and this was the message I got:

WELL DONE! You've recorded a loss this week. That's great news! However, we notice that you've lost more than an average of 2 pounds per week over three or more weeks. This rate is too rapid it may be unsafe or unhealthy.While we're proud of your achievements and pleased you're making changes in your life, we need you to concentrate on one more thing: You should slow the pace of your weight loss to no more than 2 pounds per week. Click here to read more about the effects of rapid weight loss. Here are some tips on slowing down your weight loss this week:

Make sure you're not skimping on your meals. If you've been saving your weekly POINTS Allowance, try using some this week.

If you're exercising a lot, try to swap some (or all) of your bonus activity POINTS values for food. Why not experiment with some new recipes, too?

Have a great week!

But, but I did dip into my weekly points this week! And I'm not over exercising, that's a total oxymoron when it comes to me! Yesterday, my sister and I were watching this program where they were showing the USA women's soccer team training and we were talking about how much they work out, even after lunch! My sister said that next time I'm on the treadmill and I want to stop I should just think "At least I don't have to work out after lunch!"

I'm just going to keep on keeping on and stick to my normal routine this week.

By the way, I was channel surfing and on top on Weight Watchers yelling at me for losing too much weight, I was *sobs* Bubléd again! That dreaded commercial was on E!

GO SAND!! You know, I've heard a lot of smack talk from you about being Bubléd lately, but did it occur to you that your weight loss has grown in direct proportion to the frequency of Bubléisms? Just a thought.

Don't you realize by now that I need to keep up the smack about Bublé - if you are my ying, how else are we to have a perfect universe? As the frequency of Bubléisms increases, so does my smack talk!
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