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YSL Roses Enchantées

YSL Roses Enchantées

I had credit at Sephora and had been waiting and waiting for this to be in stock. I had almost forgotten about it when I decided to place and order last weekend and there it sat on my wishlist and they had it in stock!

The notes in Roses Enchantées are:
Top: Garden rose, violet and orange blossom.
Middle: Apricot rose and lilac rose with lily of the valley.
Bottom: Musk and Mysore sandalwood.

Upon first spritz, it smells of alcohol but that soon dissipates and then I smell a lot of lily of the valley. The roses are incredibly soft in here, I would have liked for them to have been stronger. In all, it's not a very strong fragrance, I would classify this as a very green floral. I purchased this unsniffed and this is my first application so, I have to see as it wears on through the day.

At this point, I'd only wear this as a daytime fragrance during warmer months. It's a lovely and unobtrusive fragrance and would be perfect to wear to events where fragrance should be kept to a minimum.

It retails for $46/4.2 oz. and is a limited edition for this year, it can be purchased at Sephora.

Updated: After wearing this for an hour, I can finally smell the roses getting stronger.

Thanks for reviewing this. I love rose perfumes and was dying of curiosity. But with such predominant green notes (especially lily of the valley and violet) I'm thinking this is a sort of a mish-mosh? Not a rose perfume at all? Please update whether or not the roses become the star attraction or if they remain buried in the shade garden. *mwah*
Hi Best friend!

I am so glad that Roses Enchantees does not turn green on my skin. My skin chemistry holds on to top notes for hours before the drydown begins. That drives me crazy!

I tried IPF's Violetta di Bosco and it just stayed green on me. I smelled like violet leaves all day. It was awful. It smells so amazing on cavewoman. That fragrance broke my heart! LOL
Thank you for your beautiful review, S. The images of rose are particularly fitting for Mother's Day.

Beautiful photos too.
The roses finally emerge after wearing it for an hour and they last all day and during a workout! I wasn't too fond of the top notes but once you get past that it's really beautiful!
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