Saturday, June 18, 2005


Allure Play Safe In The Sun Beauty Box

Allure Play Safe In The Sun Beauty Box

I first heard of Allure beauty boxes three years ago and was lucky enough to order one that year, it had a lot of really great products in it and I was incredibly satisfied. Last year, I ordered another box but because they sold more than the supplies they had my order was cancelled. This year I ordered two boxes but only one arrived, I was charged for two so hopefully the other once arrives soon.

The contents of this years box include:
Blue Lizard Sun Cream 1.25 oz
No ad sun care face .65 oz
St. Tropez Self-tanning lotion 4 oz
Chapstick lip balm .15 oz
Prescriptives Super line preventor 1 oz
Physicians formula light bronzer .3 oz Face Powder
Jane Iredale lip gloss in soft peach .12 oz
Ban Solid deodorant in shower fresh scent 2.6 Oz
Johnson and Johnson Body wash 20.3 oz
Schick quattro for women

I expected there to be more sunscreen in the box as part of the proceeds go to the Skin Cancer Foundation, I believe it's $5 for every box sold. As I am at a high risk for skin cancer I am a bit disappointed in the box.

The Allure Beauty Boxes are available every year around April/May and for the past three years have retailed for $19.99. I'd purchase a box again because it gives me an opportunity to try new products but again I wish that it was focused more on the protection of skin especially this time of year.

I always forget about this until it's too late... but it kind of sounds like I didn't miss out on too much. The whole reason to be interested in the sun beauty box is for the ability to try out a bunch of different brands' sunscreens all at once on the cheap. I'd be disappointed, too, for the lack of sun protection in there too. What a shame. It's such a good idea, but they seem to have forgotten why people would care in the first place.

Oh well, there's always next year's, right?
About sunscreen: The best sunscreen hasn't yet been approved by the FDA but has been sold in Europe for ages. The ingredient in question is Mexoryl--apparently, it's much more photostable than the stuff we get here in the US. While you can't buy it here in stores, except for a few who sell it if you know to ask, you CAN buy it online from Canadians and on eBay. The two brands I know of that have mexoryl are Ambre Solaire and La Roche-Posay Anthelios.


You really didn't miss out on anything. The Prescriptives product is probably the only thing I'll actually use! :(

Thanks T,

I'm always on the search for new sunblock and the ones here just aren't cutting it!
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