Friday, June 10, 2005



Catherine Zeta-Jones

Moron of the year here who was going to upload a picture of my order from B-glowing that I took before I opened up the box. Of course I forgot to upload the picture before I replaced the batteries so I lost that picture and pictures of Hope when she came back from the beauty salon! I was really bummed about that!

I was asked by Lisa the owner of B-Glowing to write a small article on fragrances. There are no perks involved, never have been so I can be a neutral party to all online boutiques and e-tailers.

When I committed to it I also had to submit a picture. *gags* The last formal picture I took was for high school graduation which was eleven years ago and I didn't order any of those pictures.

I have issues with how I look, both with the Vitiligo and my weight and I'm not in a comfortable place right now but I submitted the picture anyhow because that's what I look like now. As time progresses so will the shape of my face, there is nothing I can do about the color. Actually, I was wearing a foundation that was at least four shades darker so I wouldn't look so pasty - um, as you can tell it didn't work!

So, that's me: A mixture of Ronald McDonald, Michael Jackson and Rosie O'Donnell. I'm seriously considering applying to MTV's I Want A Famous Face! Maybe then I'd look like Catherine Zeta Jones? I'm kidding! I'm kidding....um, maybe not!

Anyhow, that's the deal with B-glowing and my mug. The B-glowing package was really nice and came with three MPG samples and some makeup wipes. So, what did I order? Fleur D'Iris which is my birthday present for myself. I think it's a bit like me, subtle.

So what did I learn about this experience? B-glowing always has 10% off with code: MUA and I look CREEPY!

Update: I found the picture and on B-glowing my current picture was replaced by a childhood one, which suits me just fine for now! :)

You're beautiful, Sand. I just love the way you write! **herkie jump**
(((Sand))) You don't look creepy, silly girl! Put those kooky tv shows out of your head right now, or I'll send Dr. Phil to see you.
I don't see what's wrong with your pic, but that's me. I think it's lovely, and looks very professional. Too bad no perks... for the use of your words and your efforts they should at least comp you with a regular supply of samples and freebies. Still, I think it sounds like such a fun thing to do.
I just want to congratulate you again and again for your major step towards celebrity, Sand. We love you for your mind, your heart, and...what the hey, we love you for your looks--you're beautiful! I hope you get some kind of compensation for your work, too--a goodie bag or two wouldn't hurt, eh? ;-D
You don't look creepy, you pretty girl. You are beautiful! I am so proud and excited for you!
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