Saturday, June 11, 2005


Bathed & Infused Honey Harvest

Bathed & Infused Honey Harvest

It's not summer yet and I already have a second theme to my summer fragrances - honey! I was floored when Trina who had ordered from Bathed and Infused (the new e-tailer who are the new owners of what used to be Underground Scent Plant.) during their interim period.

Honey Harvest is described as warm beeswax, fresh honey, hints of almond and oatmeal make this scent different from the rest. Sweet, warm, and inviting (L’Occitane Type).

To me it smells different from L'occitane's Honey Gentle Water, this starts off with a lot of honey sweetness which soon dries down to a nutty oatmeal scent on my skin. It's remains sweet on my skin but isn't as sweet as when it was first applied. I could swear there is a touch of maraschino cherry in the top notes. There is a smokiness in here that I suspect is the hemp oil. I think this fragrance would smell different in other formations as the perfume on the site does not contain hemp oil. It has really good staying power and you don't have to apply a lot of the fragrance.

It's a very comforting fragrance and perfect year round as a morning to evening fragrance. It's a perfect fragrance to wear on days where you don't really want to wear a fragrance. It's a mood shifter like when you get home and change into your pajamas and watch a comforting movie.

This fragrance in roll on formation retails for $8.95/10 ml and is sold through Bathed and Infused.

Bathed and Infused is having a Grand Opening on June 16th.

"Mood shifter" - great description.
Oh, no. Just as I realize I can't stop thinking about, or wanting to smell like, honey this summer (out of the blue, I might add), I read this. Serendipity!

I'll be ordering this in EDT format and hoping it lasts a little longer than the L'Occitane.
Yum, honey! I'm always interested in honey scents so I need to give this one a shot! :)
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