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I wasn't wearing any fragrance today because I had a minor headache. Because Deb asked me a question about Boheme earlier, I was wondering why I haven't worn this fragrance in a while. Boheme is one of my favorite fragrances and was in heavy rotation during cooler months but I hadn't worn in in warmer ones.

Flora Napa Valley is a line created by food writer Susan Kenward who started working with fragrances in 1998, her goal was to create scents that evoked the allure of the Napa Valley here is a great article on the products by Flora Napa Valley

The notes in Boheme are:

Top: Bergamot, Lemon, Pepper, Rosewood, Neroli and Galbanum.

Middle: Rose Geranium, Orris, Lily, White Rose, Bulgarian Rose, Carnation, Grandiflorum Jasmine (Egyptian), Honey, Lilac and Clove Bud.

Base: Tolu and Peru Blossom, Benzoin, Siam and Virginia Cedars, Amber, Sandalwood, Frankincense, Patchouli, Myrrh, Tobacco and Tree Moss.

It starts of spicy floral, carnation being the main note on my skin with hint of citrus. Those notes don't last on me very long, it's the woods, clove and incense that makeup this fragrance even more. I just adore everything about this fragrance!

When I wear it, I imagine myself as an understudy doing summer stock in a theatrical company in the late 1920's to early 1930's. To me, it just gives off a very vintage vibe to it which makes me love it even more

I love this fragrance so much that I have two bottles of Boheme one purchased from Dawn Spencer Hurwitz, the creator of Boheme and one from Beautyhabit. I also have the Body Cream *waves to Jonna* which seems to be less woody and has a bit more clove.

I believe that this fragrance will always be in my collection and I am forever grateful to Andrea (Kate8) who first introduced it to me.

Boheme retails for $65/3.3 oz. at Hampton Ct. and $70/3.3 oz. at Beautyhabit

*Note to Sali: I haven't forgotten you!* :)

Thank you for the wonderful review! I am going to have to search out a sample of this one. Just last week I put on Napa Valley Cielo and realized how much I really do love it and that I will probably have to buy a bottle of it at some point in the near future. Honeyed figgy goodness, mmmm. So right for summer!

And now you say to me...woods, clove and incense. And honey? And moss? I have to go lie down.
Wow -- I learn something new everyday: I had no idea DSH made Boheme. It is gorgeous and unique and I'm always considering buying a bottle; I don't know why I don't just go ahead. Scent Systems in the UK seems to constantly have this for 50% off.
Oh, my...what a gorgeous presentation. I didn't know that the bottle had a rose pink ribbon wrapped around it, and such a generous amount of fabric, too. It is beautiful. I can only imagine what the juice is like inside but I'd buy it for looks alone.
Note to Sand: I'm in no rush, lovey. Thanks for thinking of me! :-D
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