Thursday, June 23, 2005




My first BPAL order arrived today, I placed it on April 24th so it took almost two months. I ordered 10 ml. of Whip, a 5 ml. of Milk Moon and a 5 ml. of Flower Moon. The other two were purchased unsniffed as they were part of the Lunacy collection which is only sold for around 24 hours on a certain day of the month. The Moons were $15 each and Whip was $19.50. I was charged $8.50 for packaging and shipping of which $3.85 went to actual postage.

They included several Imps Ears (samples) :
Black Annis
Dana O'Shee
Dragon's Hide
Snake Oil

I also placed an order last month for Honey Moon and Strawberry Moon but passed on yesterday's Buck Moon as it sounded too masculine for me. My new year's resolutionwas to not buy any fragrances unsniffed and this was the first time I broke it - so we'll see if it was worth it or if I just bought into the hype!

Here is a calendar on the other moons as posted by Gummybug on MUA:
August: Fruit Moon / Available July 21
September: Harvest Moon / Available August 19
October: Blood Moon / Available September 18
November: Beaver Moon / Available October 17
December: Snow Moon / Available November 16

January: Holiday Moon / Available December 15
February: Budding Moon / Available January 14
March: Sleepy Moon / Available February 13
April: Peony Moon / Available March 14
May: Dragon Moon / Available April 13
June: Lotus Moon / Available May 13
July: Hungry Ghost Moon / Available June 11

LMAO! WHAT is that Wonder Woman thing in the back of the picture?
It's a tin with a handle. I have three WW tins in my office, that one is my favorite!
What BPAL fragrance would Wonder Woman wear? How about when she's ingognito as Diana? Inquiring minds want to know...
Ooooh, Whip! You've made me so interested in that one! Hope you enjoy your long-awaited order!
help! too many unfamiliar acronyms (spot the perfume novice!)

what is BPAL? and what is MUA?

help!! wish i knew...
Skunkor was the coolest He-man character.

BPAL = Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab (an etailer) - blackphoenixalchemylab.com

MUA = MakeupAlley - makeupalley.com

trina: thank-yoooooooooooooooooou!
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