Monday, June 06, 2005


Clair de Musc

Clair de Musc

I wore my very first musk fragrance when I was twelve, it was Alyssa Ashley Musk. It was given to me by a friend who's father bought her different fragrances. So, while everyone else was wearing Exclamation, Electric Youth and Love's Baby Soft, I was wearing Alyssa Ashley Musk.

Over the years however, I've shied away from fragrances that were musk heavy. As time goes on, I've tried to appreciate musk fragrances more and if I were going to choose one, this would be it.

Aedes describes Clair de Musc as powdered musk, bergamot, neroli petals and tuscan iris powder.

Barney's describes Clair de Musc as a delicate musk with hints of orange blossom and powdery white Tuscan iris.

As soon as I applied it, I noticed the aldehydes right away. I don't hide the fact that I like fragrances that are aldehydic heavy so I didn't mind it at all. There seems to be a sweetness to this fragrance, like a light drizzle of honey in here. There is a slight hint of iris but for the most part this fragrance is a aldehydes/musk fragrance. I don't smell the other notes in here at all. The aldehydes last for several hours and then you are left with pure white musk.

If you've smelled Montale's White Musk, this is much softer and sweeter to my nose than that one. At first I was unsure of the musk because Montale's White Musk didn't work at all on my skin but this one does and it's really beautiful!

I think this is a beautiful year round, morning to evening fragrance. I could envision wearing this while in pajamas lounging around the house or to a glamorous event, to me it's that versatile.

Clair de Musc retails for $89/1.7 oz. and is available at Aedes and Barneys NY.

Any similarity between this one and the new L'Artisan, Extrait de Songes, which is also a white musk scent? Ever since the powder and roses debacle of Lorenzo Villoresi Musk, I've been wary of trying out musk fragrances. And I'm crippled by the knowledge that I have no concrete concept of what musk all by itself would smell like.
I've been meaning to try Extrait de Songes, once I land a sample I'll let you know.
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