Saturday, June 04, 2005


Coquette Tropique

Coquette Tropique

Coquette Tropique is a fragrance that I've been meaning to wear since the weather got warmer and always forget. That doesn't mean that this isn't a memorable fragrance, far from it.

Coquette Tropique is described all over the web as the long-awaited follow up to Monyette Paris and the second addition to the haute voyage collection. Shy and unassuming, Coquette, or "flirt" in French, is Monyette's interpretation of a woman's coy smile, a wink from a distance not far away. Deliciously ripe, alluring and sexy. Utterly gorgeous yet divinely fresh. Inspired by fresh and exotic florals from the Polynesian isles.

Coquette is composed of Hibiscus, Gardenia, Plumeria and delicate French Anjou pear. Top notes of brilliant, sparkling citrus burst through a seductive middle note of rare Madagascar vanilla, settling into the purity of fresh island blossoms.

This is an fruity tropical floral fragrance that starts of incredibly sweet with a a heavy note of pear. I always feel very "Eh" with pear, it's not necessarily something I like but it's also not something I dislike, it's sort of just there. I smell a hint of coconut in here although it isn't listed in the notes.

The second heaviest note in this fragrance is the vanilla which lingers throughout the fragrance while the pear sort of falls flat after a while. It takes several minutes for the flowers to make their presence on my skin, then again with oils it takes a while for the fragrance to mesh with the warmth of my skin. The florals along with the vanilla are what stay on my skin the longest and it isn't until after wearing this fragrance for several hours that it starts to have slight smokiness to it. If it weren't for the pear in this fragrance I think it would be even better.

My sister who flocks more toward fruity fragrances would love this one! This is definitely a warm weather fragrance that is perfect for daytime use! It retails for $45/1/8 oz. and is available at B-glowing.com, Beautyhabit, Lacreme Beauty and Luckyscent

No comment on Coquette Tropique but I just wanted to give you a big hug for your recent posts on my blog and on another former MUAer's blog. You're a gem, fellow Gravesie. ((((Atreau))))
Coquette Tropique is my fragrance of the day! I am definitely a fan of this candy-like scent, but I can see how it might be cloying and annoying after awhile because it is very strong. A *dot* of this stuff fills a room.

(((Hugs))) from me, too.
I keep meaning to try this again. I love Moynette, even though I hate oils, and I do have an affinity for pear. A strange affinity, yes. But the description by some of the 'tinned pear' note is what scares me.
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