Tuesday, June 14, 2005


Demeter Angel Food

Demeter Angel Food

I never really cared for Angel Food Cake before, I always felt it tasted too much like egg whites. As I don't care much for eggs, the last thing I wanted was a cake that tasted like eggs. I hated eggs even more when I tried the Atkins diet while in college, a diet I may add that I never lost weight on and felt sick the entire time. I'm not much of a meat eater so it really wasn't an ideal diet for me.

However, since joining Weight Watchers I've come to appreciate Angel Food Cake that is low in points and doesn't taste half bad. Earlier this week, I made my first egg white omelet and I liked it - am I now and egg lover?

While the staying power of Demeters are incredibly low, the fragrances for the most part are really good! This fragrance smells exactly like the Butter Crème Cake Honey & Shea Hand and Body Lotion that I had Earthen Treasures ($8.99/8oz.) make up for me. It's a mix of Sweet Crème Cake and Buttercream fragrances. I like to layer that lotion with Annick Goutal's Eau de Charlotte, it's like a buttercream cake that has a thin layer of blackberry jam in the middle.

So it is my opinion that this fragrance would smell gorgeous layered with Eau de Charlotte fragrance or something similar. I have on cranberry lip lip balm from The Body Shop and think that too would be an incredibly mix (Escada Ibiza Hippie + Demeter Angel Food).

This is a perfect comfort or bedtime fragrance and can easily be worn year round, especially on days when you are blue.

Demeter Angel Food retails for $18/1 oz. and can be purchased through Sephora or for a better bargain $19.85/4 oz. at Scentiments.

Angel Food is my favorite Demeter. I like blond cakes in general, and I love eggs with butter and sugar best of all.
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