Tuesday, June 28, 2005


DSH Poivre

DSH Poivre

Dawn Spencer Hurwitz's Poivre is a fragrance that I have lusted for a year now. I am so blessed because Jayce from MUA floored me with a random act of kindness gift that included a bottle of Poivre!

Poivre is part of her Les Rouges Collection wish she describes on her site as PASSION, POWER, LUST, RAGE, ECSTASY... such are our associations with RED; our wildest emotions and greatest HEAT are bound to this primal color. Inspired by the radiance and intensity of RED my Les Rouges Collection enters Perfection Connoisseur Fragrances label.

Poivre is described on the site as:(Les Rouges No. 4) (deep ruby red) This perfume is a fiery melange of captivating spices, resins, and a hint of sultry rose. Not for the faint of heart and, oh, does it sizzle!

The notes in Poivre are:
Top: Spice Notes
Middle: Sultry Rose
Bottom: Incense/Incense Notes

It starts off very spicy with notes of cinnamon, clove, nutmeg and a subtle hint of cardamom. The rose in here is an incredibly mature rose that is rather dry which allows you to focus more on the spices. After wearing the fragrance for a while, the spices lay low and the incense comes out with a hint of amber.

Iabsolutelyy love this fragrance! It's not a fragrance that one wears everyday. If this fragrance were a dress it would be Fran's red dress in Strictly Ballroom and if this fragrance were a dance it would be the Paso Doble! The staying power is incredible and it's a perfect evening fragrance to wear on special occasions, suited more for evening use in colder weather but is easily worn in warm weather like today where the high was 104°.

Poivre retails for $60/.33 oz. or $135/1 oz. and is sold at DSH Perfumes. 10% off with code: MUA.

Speaking of codes, B-glowing is having a 20% off sale from Saturday July 2nd to Monday July 4th with code: america

wow this sounds good. spiced rose, my favorite.
PASSION well, some.
POWER not enough.
LUST oh yeah, baby.
RAGE ask me about old lady 'fumes.

It's gorgeous and not for wussies! Spicy fragrance baby!
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