Sunday, June 05, 2005


flowerbelle's koral


I'm wearing YSL Roses Enchantees again today, the more I wear this scent the more I like it. So I was searching through my sample stash to decide on a fragrance to test today and pulled out flowerbelle's koral.

Koral as described on the website as sporty-fruity fresh which doesn't at all sound like my type of fragrance, there isn't a sporty gene in my body and when I think of the word "sporty" it's followed by spice! They continue the description with rosemary, grape, lily and cedarwood attracts everyone to this sporty-fresh and fruity clean.

Lacreme lists the notes as:
Top: grapefruit, bergamot, rosemary, grape
Middle: jasmine, rose, lily
Bottom: balsam, cedarwood, musk

It starts of incredibly citrusy and continues to stay that way throughout the fragrance with heavy rosemary t first and then light rosemary throughout. The most predominant floral note, the lily is really buried in this blend. The woods and musk are what keep this fragrance from being overly citrusy. Those that flock more toward unisex fragrances would probably appreciate this one. While it's a nice fragrance, it isn't my type of fragrance.

I think this would be a great all day fragrance probably best worn in warmer months. The staying power of flowerbelle fragrances is incredibly high on my dry skin.

koral retails for $28/1.7 oz. and is available at B-Glowing and La Creme Beauty.

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