Thursday, June 09, 2005


L'Instant de Guerlain

L'Instant de Guerlain

Guerlain describes L'instant on their site as the awakening of the senses and emotions. A new form of magic slowly envelops and transforms me. An unsuspecting feeling of femininity overcomes me. Time can stand still. anything can happen...

"L'instant de Guerlain", an unsuspected and fresh eternity, which moves, enchants and surprises.

For a few seconds of eternity.

The notes in L'instant de Guerlain are:
Top: Citrus Honey
Middle: Magnolia Inclusion
Base: Crystalline Amber

It's a softly sweet amber on my skin with a hint of a white floral bouquet. I swear I can smell a hint of honeysuckle in here. A very pretty fragrance but one that would smell better on me in cooler weather, amber always smells much better on me in cooler weather. I think this would be a wonderful all day fragrance.

L'Instant de Guerlain retails for $82/2.7 oz., $62/1.7 oz. or $45/1 oz. and can be found anywhere Guerlain is sold or through Sephora.

*Update: I couldn't figure out what this was reminding me of and finally it came to me, it reminds me like a soft version of Anne Pliska!

I like it when "that unsuspecting feeling of femininity comes over me" ... unless it's my period. But, seriously, S., another great review. Thank you.
I think of this as a "rich" floral... do you have a bottle, dear Sand?

Love your reviews, as usual.
What a fun review! now I'm anxious to revisit this one at some point.

You always crack me up!


No, this was a sample spray. It's a pretty one isn't it!


It's lovely!
This is one fragrance that did not work on me at all.

What a fun and thorough review. Thanks so much.
Great review! Makes me want to resample it again, although I never liked that much despite trying it several times.

Wonderful blog! I recently discovered it, and it is so much fun to browse through your back posts!
I just got a mini of L'Instant the other day. It's nice, something I would wear "out" vs everyday.
This is the only perfume with honey in it that I like. Honey in most perfumes I've tried were *gag*. L'Instant did so well in France it won a Fifi. It took me a year to like it b/c it smelled very different from what I was used to. Now it's one of my favorite "skin" scents and a favorite Guerlain of mine. I hope the Guerlain team keeps up the creativity and comes up with another avant-garde winner.
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