Tuesday, June 21, 2005


Maybe Baby

Maybe Baby

After having worn Floret yesterday I decided to wear Benefit's Maybe Baby today to distinguish between the two fragrances. As I mentioned yesterday, both are white floral fragrances with apricot being a primary note.

Written on the bottle in black script is the following in lower case: is this seat taken? haven't we met before? going my way? do you want to know a secret? should we? do you dare? would you like to? want some company? promise not to tell? am i dreaming? are you kidding? dinner tonight? remember me? Maybe Baby

The notes in Maybe Baby are:

Top: apricot & white ginger
Middle: fresh water blossoms of cyclamen, lychee & bergamot
Base: white musk, Himalayan poppy & warm peach

This has a lot more apricot than Floret and the ginger gives it a soft kick of spice. I think that if Maybe Baby were layered with Origins Ginger Essence or Ginger Souffle it would smell even more incredible! If you find white floral fragrances to be too heavy or you're just looking for a different fruity fragrance this fits the bill. Both fragrances are unique enough on their own but I think they would layer together really well.

The lasting power of Maybe Baby isn't as strong as Floret (which lasts all day on two sprays) but it's still really good. While it can be worn in colder months, I like to wear this only in warmer months as an all day scent.

Maybe Baby retails for $46/3.4 oz. and can be purchased at most department stores or through Benefit or Sephora.

Great review as always! The apricot note makes me circumspect, since it is usually too sweet for my tastes.
Great review. Apricot makes it interesting to me, as I like that sweet note.
I love Maybe Baby. It's one of the few scents that I actually own all the corresponding bath and body products for, including all the Bathina stuff. The Maybe Baby lasts for a nice portion of the day on me if I layer it with the Touch Me and Then Try to Leave cream.

I don't get a soft kick of spice, but it smells really sparkling on me, like the soft fizz of champagne.
I really like Maybe Baby, I've been meaning to cave on the rest of the Bathina line - someday! :)
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