Sunday, June 12, 2005


Random Thoughts

Random Thoughts

Why did I spend six hours watching movies on Lifetime last night? I saw a movie A House in the Hills , A Cry in the Night and A Mother's Justice. Each one was worse than the one before!

Why did it take me so long to learn how to make an egg white omelet? It's so easy to do and actually tastes good and I don't like eggs!

Who coined Brad Pit and Angelina Jolie's relationship: Brangelina? It sounds like an odd fiber supplement!

Why did I place two orders last week after publicly declaring that I was no longer going to buy anything until the fall?

Why didn't I measure the vanilla I added to the strawberry ice cream? It now tastes more like vanilla than strawberry!

When did Walmart start selling the 17 oz. container of Tony Chachere's Seasoning?

Best friend: You were the cutest damn kid.
dude. 17oz of Tony Chachere's??? NEED to go find this.

Oh yeah, they sell these egg whites in cartons in the dairy section- really good, and SO much more convenient than separating the yolks all the time.
Coo! You definitely win the World's Cutest Kid Contest.
This is such a cute post! Brangelina made me laugh out loud and I cannot thank you enough for the Tony Cachere's seasoning you sent - I simply love it. When I hear anyone coming to Europe - I will be requesting this 17 oz one (if they agree to carry it!)


Hugs S!
you ARE a cute kid. also, sorry, but I think I stole your format for my post today. There must be something to this collective unconscious thing ... we're all drawing out of the same well. xoxoxoxo
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