Thursday, June 16, 2005


Rose D'Homme

Rose D'Homme

I was curious as soon as I heard that Rosine had created a fragrance for men and couldn't wait to try it as I just adore rose fragrances.

The notes in Rose d"Homme according to Aedes are:

Top: bergamot, citrus, patchouli and vetiver.
Middle: vanilla, lavender and leather.
Bottom: jasmine, mandarin and rose.

Luscious includes woods in the top notes and hay in the middle.

On me it starts of citrusy with hints of wood that is soon taken over by the patchouli. I wasn't ready for the patchouli so soon and I thought I can't wear this. Suck it up and wait out the hour that it takes for that to dry down. The citrus and patchouli stick around but they aren't so bold.

Once it does dry down, you are in the world of lavender, which is incredibly vibrant and leather. It seems like an odd combination but it works. You know when you get that feeling of comfort and familiarity when you're walking through a library or vintage book store - that's the feeling that this fragrance inspires. The bottom notes are incredibly subtle and I really can't detect them which is a shame because I was looking forward to smelling them in this fragrance.

I'd describe this as heavier on the leather followed by lavender with hints of citrus and patchouli. This would easily work well on women as well as men. Incredibly sexy and certainly able to be worn year round, especially as an evening fragrance on women. For myself however, I find the leather to be too much for warmer months and would reserve this for cooler ones.

Rose d'Homme retails for $98/3.4 oz at Aedes and $77/1.7 oz. or $100/3.4 oz. at Luscious Cargo.

this sounds so interesting. can't wait to try it!
I love men who wear lavender, or carnation, or both. I find them irresistible. I find most men irresistible. I should find myself a new boyfriend. I think I'm ready now. *sigh*
Oh, I must dig out my sample and finally try it! I have been dying to sample it, but now that I have it, I am not in much haste anymore. The irony!
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