Wednesday, June 01, 2005


Rose Poivrée

Rose Poivree

Thanks to the generosity of Mrs. Bo Bice, I was able to try The Different Company's Rose Poivree.

The Different Company describes Rose Poivree as delicate as the fragrance from angels and blue heavens brings back memories of devilishly sensual delight.

This perfume is composed primarily with the exclusive Damascus rose, of which 50 kilos of petals are used to produce a 250 ml bottle.

Oflactory note: Strong rose, both heady and refreshing.

Main components: Rose (Damascena rose or Damascus rose, centifolia), rose bay, pepper, coriander, vetiver and civet.

The Rose Essence is said to have been first discovered by a Mogul princess, in the year 1021 of the year of Hegira, in order to please Emperor Djihangury. This Princess observed that a small quantity of oil used to float on the surface of the water, after rose petals were distilled.

The gift for the emperor was gorgeous: today it is still necessary to hand pick no less than four thousand kilogrammes of petals, such as 'Hundred Leaves' roses and Damascus roses (the most beautiful roses in the world) to obtain one litre of this esquisite essential oil.

This isn't your typical rose fragrance, it's very different from all the others which makes me like it even more. The pepper in here doesn't smell like dried pepper but rather fresh pepper. I think it would have been a very different fragrance had they included dry pepper but I welcome the change. To me, it makes it that much spicier. Everything about this fragrance is fresh and the lasting power was incredible on me.

As it's a decant, I was able to spray this fragrance, I believe that makes a real difference in this fragrance as the pepper really burt out right away. It iabsolutelyey perfect for this time of year and is beautiful from morning to late at night.

Rose Poivree retails for $350/250 ml with a leather case, $120/90 ml, $120/10 ml travel spray or $120/250ml Estagnon refill and is sold online at Aedes, B-glowing, Beautyhabit and Luscious Cargo.

Thank You Lady L for introducing me to this beauty!

I love this review! And the perfume is ALSO nice!
Great. Another rose lemming. Fabulous review, Sandorama!
Fantastic and wonderfully accurate review, Sand. I have a bottle of this fragrance, and absolutely love it. DH finds it one of the most unusual and exotic of all the rose scents in the fragrance arsenal.
Such a beautiful and unique rose fragrance. I think even those who dislike rose would like this fragrance!
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