Wednesday, June 29, 2005


Slatkin & Co. Kabbalah Spiritual Cleansing candle

Slatkin & Co. Kabbalah Spiritual Cleansing candle

Since Katiedid suggested that I wear my Slatkin & Co. Kabbalah Spiritual Cleansing candle instead of burning it I decided to do just that as it sounded like a nice fragrance to wear anyhow and the wax is incredibly soft in this candle making it incredibly easy to apply.

The notes in the Spritual Cleansing candle are: red frangipani, heliotrope, musk, vanilla, and creamy sandalwood.

The fragipani is the primary note in this fragrance with a light heliotrope following it. The musk, vanilla and sandalwood blend nicely in this mix. Not too strong, just strong enough to make an appearance but light enough not to take over the fragipani. The staying power is incredible at first and part of me wishes that some fragrances came in a similar waxy format. After a while however it falls flat and I had to re-apply more of it to refresh the scent.

It's a nice fragrance but nothing that blows me away, there are other fragrances in the Kabbalah collection. The one that I'd be more likely to wear because of the notes would be sexual energy.

Passion: A blend of red jasmine, apple, mahogany with patchouli, and heart of patchouli.

Happiness: A blend of orange, bergamot, green tea, jasmine, and galbanum.

Sexual Energy: A blend of amyris, saffron, red plum, red pepper mixed with rose, clove, and red leather.

Evil Eye: A blend of Italian bergamot, nutmeg, wild berries, chamomile, cedar, honey with myrrh, and vetiver.

Dreamstate: A blend of oceanic breeze accord, melon, grapefruit, passion flower, and white tea.

Power of Prosperity: A blend of luscious plumeria, daffodil, frangipani, and sensuous ylang.

DNA of the Soul: A blend of lemon, lemongrass, tea, cinnamon, and myrrh.

The Kabbalah line retails for $22/6.3 oz. candle and is sold through at many major retailers including Sephora and Neiman Marcus.

*Note: The Ci-Boy is now sporting the red string.

this is a joke, no? or are you about to tell me madonna prays in front of the self same candle every night? *gulp*
All I know is part of the proceeds of this candle go to Spirituality for Kids and I believe that the proceeds to Madonna's books also go to the same foundation.
This is too cute!

Those notes in the candle sound great, especially the heliotrope.

I am sure you "wear it well."
whatever you do, don't wear the Evil Eye wax. Bleh, it stinks
I love this picture. That is one lucky Ci-Boy!
Looks to me like Ci-Boy is the one we have to worry about going Hollywood, not you!

I have to confess - when I started reading and saw that you were going to "wear" the candle, I was picturing you using the red string to tie the whole thing around your neck like a gigantic honkin' necklace... Guess I'm a linear thinker after all!
Hee, trina! You're right, Ci-Boy has gone totally Hollywood! But the red string looks much better on him than anyone else I've seen, so I think you made the right call, S.

Frangipani... sigh. How pretty. If I weren't already wearing something else, I'd pull out the last few dregs of my Escential Oil's Frangipani today. That note sounds heavenly to wear today.
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