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Un Zeste de Rose

Un Zeste de Rose

I don't hide the fact that I love roses and I'm always on the hunt for yet another rose fragrance to add to my collection. I've only sampled two other fragrances from Les Parfums de Rosine and never gave that line much of a chance until now. Upon hearing so many raves on Un Zest de Rose, I knew that I'd need to sample it. Thanks to Lady Lucia, I did!

The notes in Un Zeste de Rose are:

Top: Lemon, bergamot, cedar, dried fruits.
Middle: Bulgarian rose, tea rose jasmine, rose absolute.
Bottom: Rose, gardenia, white musk, gray amber, smoked tea leaves.

It starts off lemon heavy, like freshly squeezed lemon juice and very true to that scent. There is a hint of berries in this fragrance, very light. The roses like the top notes are very fresh and light. At first, it seems the roses dissipated but then they burst out softly, in keeping with the rest of the fragrance. And the tea, oh the tea!

Ever since I was little, one of my favorite drinks during the summer has been the sun tea. It was always so much fun seeing the sun tea jar change shades from clear, to amber and finally dark brown.

This is such a refreshing fragrance, I was even able to wear it the entire time I was on the treadmill and I still smelled good after I got off! There are very few fragrances that have that ability!

This is such beautiful fragrance and I'm head over heels in love with it. Had I not already chosen a fragrance for this summer, this would be the #1 on the list. So full bottle worthy, if only I hadn't already overspent my summer fragrance budget!

Perfect for warm weather as an all day fragrance but probably more appropriate during the day. Perfect for incredibly sweltering days when you have to spend the day outside.

Un Zeste de Rose is found at Aedes which has them at $75/1.7 oz. or $98/3.4 oz. and they are also sold for $77/1.7 oz. or $100/3.4 oz. and at Luscious Cargo.

Un Zeste is utterly delightful! Even non-rose lovers can love this sparkling scent. Because I have a very small decant, I save Un Zeste for the hottest summer days. It helps keep me from dreading the sweltering heat!
I love sun tea, too. That stuff that's bottled and the instant never ever come close to the taste of sun tea that's been brewing all day in the summer heat.

How nice that it's a note in this scent... sounds great.
I am in love with this fragrance, such a refreshing summer fragrance that's perfect for hot days!
One word about how I feel about this rose perfume--love. The citrus in it lightens up the rose note making it wearable for me.
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