Thursday, June 23, 2005


Violetta di Parma

Violetta di Parma

I recieved the mose purplicious from the Violet Femme herself Lil' SSG so today I pulled out the first of the many violet fragrance samples she sent me. This is opening me up to a whole new world of violets and the fans of violets. A great site on violets is The Violet Society which also has a page on Maria Luigia Duchess of Parma and the history of Violetta di Parma.

I wasn't able to find any notes on Violette di Parma but when I first applied it the fragrance smelled very green to me, almost like grass and violets (think Paula Dorf's Zita) after a while I could smell lilac and jasmine they were subtle but still evident. Finally, after wearing the fragrance for hours it smells earthy and rooty.

I wasn't too crazy about it when I first applied it, because I felt it went on a bit linear sort of like body spray. Once the lilac and jasmine come into play it altered the fragrance making me appreciate it more. Once the entire fragrance dried down, that was when I really started to like it. It came across as very dry and a much deeper fragrance than it did before. A bit like violets that have been around for a while.

In the early stages of this fragrance I would have labeled it as a warm weather only fragrance but when it does dry down it's a perfect all day fragrance for year round use. I think this fragrance would layer really well with MPG Fleur D'Iris. Next time I test this fragrance, I'm going to layer the two and see how they mesh together. They staying power of this fragrance is about average, as time went on the fragrance seemed to appear a bit stronger as it warmed to the skin.

While it is a vintage fragrance, I find something very modern about it. As fashion always comes full circle, so will fragrance.

Violetta di Parma is sold at Luckyscent for $34/1.7 oz.

Love violets and love this review! Violetta di Parma is one of the few non-powdery violets, with a beautiful green note. Like violets and grass, in which they grow. Curious to hear of your layering success.
That sounds lovely. I've heard of people stumbling across this one inexpensively at discount stores, but I have yet to spot it all. I'll have to keep looking, I guess.

I dig violet every now and again. One non-powdery one I like is Galimard's Lapis Lazuli. I think I was a little overharsh in my review because I was expecting vanilla in it, so I need to revise it. But it's also got a very green violet woody thing going on that I enjoy.
Violet is one note I consistently perceive as "elegant". The ones I like are Apres l'Ondee, Quelque Violettes and this one, Violetta di Parma. I have a cute lil' parfum mini with a purple bow adorning its neck.
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