Friday, June 17, 2005


Yosh Stargazer 7.71

Stargazer 7.71

Because of the hefty price tag associated with Yosh fragrances, I have been reluctant to test them as I fear I'll fall in love. The good thing about Yosh fragrances is that they are incredibly concentrated and the scents are very true. Stargazer 7.71 is no exception to this!

Stargazer 7.71 is described as a wonderful fresh green fragrance that can be worn from day into evening, and its charm is irresistible on both men and women. This beguiling concoction is inspired by the intoxicating aroma of the stargazer lily and late summer nights spent watching shooting stars - a timeless beauty with infinite appeal.

The notes in Stargazer 7.71 are: Kenya lily and white ginger

It opens up incredibly green on my skin and so true, it is hard to believe that I'm not surrounded byliliess. It takes a few minutes for the fragrance to warm to my skin and then it a huge burst of ginger takes hold of the fragrance. I love ginger, I really do but I find that the ginger takes too much control of this fragrance. The lilies are still present but they seem buried by the ginger. As time goes on the lilies seem to surface a bit more but nothing like how it was when first applied, before the ginger stepped in.

This is a lovely fragrance that would be perfect year round from morning to evening. I think that in cooler months, the lilies would probably be more evident.

Stargazer 7.71 retails for $130/8ml and is sold at Luckyscent.

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