Wednesday, June 29, 2005


"Your blog would be better if you stopped talking about fragrance!"

Tarina Tarantino Hello Kitty Ring

I was talking to my sister the other day who mentioned that my blog would be better if I stopped talking about fragrance. I asked her, what do you want to hear about and she said "Anything but fragrance, it's so boring!"

Later in the conversation she asked me what I wanted for my birthday and I told her there are two things I've have my eye on so she asked what they were the first being a Hello kitty ring from Tarina Tarantino - I'm haven't even picked a specific one as I want them all. The second being L'Artisan's Extrait de Songe so she asked for links for the two items. She said "Are you crazy spending $100 on a fragrance!" and she also said "Why can't you pick some real jewlery, not something with Hello Kitty on it!" and then she said "I'll get you the Hello Kitty ring if you buy me the Audrey Hepburn tiara!"

Mind you my sister already has an Audrey Hepburn tiara , a replica of the one she wore in Roman Holiday and she's not talking about the other tiaras sold through Tiara Town she's referring to one she saw in In Style Weddings, a replica of the one Audrey wore in My Fair Lady made by Excalibur Jewelry which retails for$750!

In other news, I saw How To Deal starring Mandy Moore this past weekend. The plot is that her parents get a divorce and her dad gets remarried and her mom starts dating. Her grandmother smokes weed (because she's sick - or something). Her sister's getting married, calls off the wedding then goes through with it. Her best friend falls in love with a boy who dies and then after he's dead she finds out she's pregnant with his baby. And Mandy Moore falls in love with a boy. The End! So now I know how to deal! Take that society!

I got two small prizes yesterday, a trading card holder from a NBA contest and a bottle of Aussie Dual Personality Anti-Frizz Cream + Leave in Conditioner from Allure Magazine. I already tried the Aussie product and it's pretty good and it didn't weigh my Charlie Brown hair down!

I hadn't yet posted my goals for this summer or chosen a power color. I was going to pick red but at the final moment hot pink took over my mind. As two of my favorite Hello Kitty bags have hot pink in them I figure it's a good choice.

My goals for this summer are to continue working on myself and also cut out or reduce all my bad habits such as being a procrastinator or keeping things organized. Being the Queen of Denial seems to be the easy way out of things but the past always catches up with you and that's what I hate the most. It's time to face my fears!

I suggest that anyone who's been procrastinating on their life goals and are too afraid to face their fears to join in this movement! There are power in numbers and we'll stand stronger together! It's never too late to accomplish anything! No matter how big or small your goal is you can do it! Believe in yourself!

I love you, A. Take that society! LOLOL!


ps My summer goal is to write a lot and my power color is.... yellow? OK, yellow.
::shaking fist at you::

Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaarn you...you HAD to link to that site, didn't you? Now I'm so tempted to buy just about everything there, but especially the Hello Kitty stuff! (I have a Hello Kitty tattoo, so yes...big fan here...)
Yes, keeping things organized is a very, very bad habit. Cut that out! ;)

Hello Kitty is the Queen of All That Is Awesome.
I take it your sister hasn't seen the price tags on most of the frags you talk about? I LOVE that ring, and must ask - is one of the two bags you mentioned a black one with hot pink piping? Not trying to be presumptuous - just curious ;)

My only goal for the summer is to get my house in order. How does one choose a power color? And don't get rid of ALL your bad habits - you've *already* gone Hollywood on us, don't turn perfect too!
LOL, please, don't let your sister see my blog!

I love it when you talk about fragrance. Obviously.
*takes off on side tangent*: yes, they are dirty and we are clean and thus we can't handle the germs. LOLOLOL Also ... please don't discontinue fragtalk on your blog. You do really succinct reviews! I like them! Erm, can't say anything about Hello Kitty. As you know. xoxoxoxoxoxoxo
no no no! i am the rightful Queen of Denial!!
Oh T, the black and hot pink HK bag is my favorite of the two! You rock! :D
Cool blog. Now I want hello kitty stuff!
That Hello Kitty ring is my new lemming! It's adorable!

I love your blog!
OMG! For once I wish I owned one of those cell phones with a camera! Yesterday I saw this big old muddy tough guy Ford truck with HELLO KITTY MUDFLAPS!!! It was so unbelievably awesome, and I died a little inside knowing I was unable to photograph this awesomeness to preserve it for posterity.
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