Monday, July 18, 2005


Bella Luccè Japanese Yuzu silk and honey lotion

Bella Luccè Japanese Yuzu lotion

It's been incredibly humid out here and didn't feel much like wearing any fragrance so instead of applying fragrance I just substituted Bella Luccè Japanese Yuzu Silk and Honey Lotion for my regular unscented lotion.

There lotion is described on the site as rich, creamy lotion which is full of skin-loving indulgences: passionfruit and rice bran oils, mango butter, raw organic honey, silk proteins and a select blend of six nourishing botanical extracts. This exclusive formula absorbs quickly, yet the softness lasts for hours.

I've never smelled an actual yuzu so I have no idea how much like a yuzu this smells like but this lotion has a very vibrant citrusy fragrance, think orange, tangerine or kumquat scent over lemon, lime or grapefruit. The lotion left my skin silky soft and not at all sticky or slippery. It's not a strong enough fragrance to wear on it's own if you really want to smell like it but woul definitely layer well with a similar type fragrance. The scent lingered on my clothes longer than it did on my skin.

Bella Luccè Japanese Yuzu Lotion retails for $12.80/8 oz. at Bella Luccè.

That lotion sounds lovely S. I love the smell of yuzu -- or what I think of as yuzu, since I've never smelled the real thing either.
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