Sunday, July 03, 2005


Bois d'Iris

Bois D'Iris

I'm testing The Different Company's Bois d'Iris today. Which is described on their site as the scent of Bois d'Iris can be traced back to the rugged hills of Tuscany.

The Iris Palida, the most aromatic of its kind, grows exclusively in this arid, rocky mountain side where the soil is mild. Unlike the osmanthus flower whose epidermis cells secrete the essential oil, the iris conceals its olfactory wonders within its roots.

Oflactory note: Wood, velvety, sweet and green, refined.

Main components: Iris (Iris Pallida, aka "the Fastuous" or Iris Florentina, vetiver, bergamot, cedar wood, narcissus, geranium and musk.

On initial application I can smell the iris and vetiver which is very soft not earthy but not incredibly green on me. That however is soon drown out by the spiciness of narcissus in this fragrance. After a while the wood finally emerges and that is what lasts the longest on my skin. I expected more iris than anything else in this fragrance and I didn't find it. I did however appreciate that this fragrance had some bite to it. Without the spiciness in this fragrance I don't think I would have liked it as much.

Bois d'Iris is a beautiful fragrance that can easily be worn year round. If you are hesitant to wear spicier fragrances, this would probably be best worn in colder weather but it's light enough to be worn on really hot days as the spiciness doesn't last throughout the entire fragrance. The lasting power is very good on my skin as are the other fragrances that I've tested from The Different Company.

Bois d'Iris retails for $110/3 oz. and is sold through Aedes, B-glowing, Beautyhabit, and Luscious Cargo

One of my favorite iris scents, along with Hiris & SL Iris Silver Mist.
Lucky you! It disappears on me within the hour.
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