Friday, July 15, 2005


Bond No. 9 Eau de Noho

Bond No. 9's Eau de Noho

This is the final wrapped Bond sample left in my fragrance. I'm a bit disappointed and underwhelmed by the collection - perhaps in time the collection will get better?

Eau de Noho is described on Saks.com as reflecting the ambiguity of Noho, a serene historic district with raw edges and ultra-modern spareness, is a fragrance created for a dreamy, elusive yet warm seductress. Fresh mandarin in a bed of honey-woody linden is blended with a sumptuous green floral bouquet, violet and lingering notes of green moss, cashmere wood and amber.

This is a nice fragrance that reminds me of laundry detergent at first but after drying down it smells like that scent in the air when you do the first planting of the spring and then water everything at night.

The linden in here is present but softer than I would have liked it to be. Not an incredibly green fragrance but not too earthy either. This is a fragrance that would layer perfectly with BPAL's Flower Moon which was part of the lunacy moon collection and was a limited edition sold in April of this year.

It's a subtle fragrance that I feel would work best in warm weather. The staying power isn't the best with this fragrance. I find that with the floral fragrances on the Bond No. 9 line, the staying power is fairly poor on me.

Eau de Noho retails for $168/3.3 oz at Saks.

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