Saturday, July 09, 2005


Bond No. 9 Fashion Avenue

Bond No. 9 Fashion Avenue

In my attempt to find a Bond No. 9 fragrance that I could like I decided to continue to sample the line so today's fragrance pick is Bond No. 9's Fashion Avenue.

Described at Saks.com as epitomizing the spirit of Fashion Avenue, where creative energy is everywhere, is this style-right fragrance, designed for the iconoclast, a high-energy, go-getter with an eye on the future. Sparkling mimosa, in a bed of dewy greens is blended with ylang-ylang and cashmere musk. The result is a fresh, sexy, sultry scent.

Luscious Cargo lists the additional note of black currant in this fragrance.

I'm not really crazy for mimosa heavy fragrances so I didn't have high hopes for this fragrance but Eau de Charlotte has both mimosa and black currant and I adore that fragrance! Alas, this doesn't really smell like mimosa on me or anything else listed in the notes. It smells like the generic smelling pink soap they put in soap dispensers in public restrooms along with a subtle hint of basil. I put my arm above the heat of the candle I was burning and I was able to detect the ylang ylang which is very pretty! It's a shame that isn't what I smell on my skin. The staying power is very good in this fragrance.

I'm afraid I'm going to have to list this as yet another Bond No. 9 fragrance that's a thumbs down for me. Given the notes, it would easily be a nice year round all day fragrance that would no doubt wear better in warmer weather.

Fashion Avenue retails for $105/1.7 oz at Luscious Cargo or $168/3.3 oz at Saks.

I gave up on the Bonds entirely after trying just a few. I have a sneaking suspicion they are just too sophisticated for chirpy little me.
I expected more that what I got from the entire line! :(
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