Thursday, July 28, 2005


Caron Tabac Blond

Caron Tabac Blond

I decided to test fragrances today testing one vial, then another until I stopped at Caron's Tabac Blond which sounded like it wouldn't be my type of fragrance but I'm always willing to try something new, especially given the fact that it's such a loved fragrance.

On the Caron website they list the following on Tabac Blond:

The Story
When the US arrived on the world’s political stage in 1918, Europe stared with eyes wide open: freshly arrived in France to find their husbands, American women proudly showed the old, astounded continent that cigarettes were no longer the privilege of men, and that the difference between smoking room and boudoir had been erased…

Negligently to place those long ivory and mother-of-pearl cigarette-holders to their lips and swathing their femininity in a typically masculine veil, became the height of Parisian elegance.To mark the dawn of female liberation, in 1919 CARON dared to dedicate the deliberately provocative Tabac Blond to these beautiful androgynes.

The Perfume
Mild and powerful, coppery overtones combined with a floral heart note. True to type.
Oriental leather

The Personality
Troubling sensuality of a woman in a dinner jacket…A touch of masculine nonchalance.

The notes in Tabac Blond according to a review on Makeupalley are:
Top: leather, carnation and linden.
Middle: iris vetiver, ylang ylang and lime-tree leaf
Bottom: cedar patchouli, vanilla amber and musk.

It started off powdery on me and then the leather comes out. The carnation along with the leather are what are mopredominantent on my skin. The carnation is slightly spicy and dry and there are hints of amber. This is a beautiful fragrance that seems more suited for me toward colder weather as a going out fragrance but could certainly be worn year round in a more casual environment. The staying power is incredible on me, it really clung to my skin and stayed there.

Why do I fall in love the unobtainable fragrances? *sobs* I read once how much Tabac Blond retailed for but I forget the price. If money were no object I'd cave, this will no doubt go on my list of fragrances that need to be included in my collection....someday!

Ooh, I just bought a refillable 20 ml bottle of the parfum for about $185. Yes, I feel insane. I won't wear it until it gets cold, and then probably only for special going-out times. But it's so gorgeous!
I'm all for troubling sensuality and I really like Tabac Blond. good taste, A/S/O!! xoxo
I sympathize, hon. (((hugs))) I never really cared for Tabac Blond until I smelled the extrait. Naturally it's the most expensive option. Haven't bought it but it might make a good splurge when the weather turns colder.
Such a beautiful fragrance, perhaps I'll find an extra $185 laying around come autumn or winter!
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