Thursday, July 28, 2005




I hate the eHarmony commercials! I swear they play them all the time just to annoy me! What really creeps me out is Dr. Neil Clark Warren, I know he's got an incredibly torrid past that the tabloids haven't uncovered yet!

Oh yeesh. I don't know about a torrid past, but from looking at him, I'm just sure there's something very creepy buried in his basement. Or in his combover.
Man, I find the dude to be soooo creepy too. My ovaries start to shrivel whenever I see his face. I think that staying far away from eharmony is best for my future fertility.
Oh and what about the fake proposal commercial? E-Harmony is for losers--except for my cousin J who uses it.
I freak out anytime they air those commercials. Ugh, and the fake proposal urks me so much!
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