Monday, July 25, 2005


Maitre Parfumeur et Gantier Vocalise

MPG Vocalise

Maitre Parfumeur et Gantier "MPG" is one line I never really hear enough of. I think seeing pictures of the individual bottles and the color of juice adds more the the personality of the fragrance. As pictures of each individual fragrance in the MPG line aren't plentiful I feel that the entire line is frequently overlooked.

I did a bit of research and wanted to test another fragrance that had berries and vanilla in it as I loved both of those notes in my favorite MPG fragrance Fleurs des Comores and settled on Vocalise.

Inspired from the Bel canto divas who voice extreme passions bordering on insanity,Maitre Parfumeur et Gantier created Vocalise, a romantic red fruit and vanilla symphony. Said to be the fragrance for those who are in love.

The notes in Vocalise are:

Top: Red fruits, Blackcurrant, green notes
Middle: Ylang-ylang, angelica, rose
Base: Musk, sandalwood, ambergris.

It smells like warm strawberry jam on me, along with a mature rose, slight musk and a little bit of wood. It's very pretty and could easily be worn year round as an all day fragrance. I would have liked the woods to have been slightly stronger but I'm sure layering this with a sandalwood lotion would no doubt alter this fragrance to what I'd like it to be. The lasting power of this fragrance is really good as are most fragrances in the MPG line.

It retails for $105/3.3 oz and is sold at Aedes, Beauty Cafe, Beautyhabit, B-glowing and Luscious Cargo.

Both Beauty Cafe and B-glowing have 10% off with code: MUA.

Hi darling S! Hope you are very well. Thanks for the review. I liked it but with a lot of MPGs - you need to wear them or they turn. They are lovely creations though and the boutiques are gorgeous.

Dear S, strawberry jam is a brilliant comparison. On me, it smelled like strawberry flavoured cotton candy. I like the idea of MPG, but the musky base tends to kill their appeal for me. It just overpowers everything on my skin.
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