Thursday, July 07, 2005


Origins Ginger Essence

Origins Ginger Essence

When I woke up yesterday I turned on the news as I headed to make myself a cup of coffee. The t.v. had been on few a few seconds before they cut to the news of the terrorist attack in London. I was filled with so much anger and sorrow all day. Needless to say I didn't feel much like wearing fragrance all day and didn't apply any until I went to bed. I found myself reaching for my comfort scent, Origins Ginger Essence which always makes me feel better.

The notes in Origins Ginger Essence are: Ginger, Bergamot, Lemon and Lime

While the ginger is quite evident in this fragrance, so is the lemon. If you like the scent of
Origins Ginger Souffle and are trying to find that scent in a fragrance, this isn't it. For that scent try Origins Ginger Gloss which has a much stronger ginger fragrance and the citrus is more subtle.

Other items in the ginger line at Origins feature the same scent including Ginger Burst which has a fabulous scent in the shower but my skin doesn't retain the scent. Ginger Body Scrub is a great salt scrub but I find leaves an oily film on my skin and Incredible Spreadable Scrub is a softer sugar predominate scrub which washes away cleaner. I however prefer Philosophy's Gingerbread Man which washes away very clean and is a softer but still a very effective scrub.

Ginger Essence is my comfort fragrance which is a perfect year round, all day fragrance. To change things up I'll layer it with Dragonfly Blue Amber.

Ginger Essence retails for $36/1.7 oz. or $47.50/3.4 oz. at Origins, during the holidays they come out with gift sets which include other products from the ginger line for around the same price at the fragrance alone - that is when I stock up on this scent!

You make me want to try this SOO bad...

As always, I love this blog.

I'm very fond of that one. It is a nice, bright happy thing to wear on a hot, nasty day.

As for the Londoners, it is awful. At the same time, it is exactly like the crap that has been going on in Iraq so long that we have nearly ceased registering it.
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