Thursday, July 21, 2005


People of the Labyrinths' Luctor et Emergo Perfumed Body Creme

POTL Luctor et Emergo Perfumed Body Cream

Look what I got for my birthday! Which is hands down the best gift I received this year as I love and adore People of the Labyrinths' Luctor et Emergo "POTL" which is one of my holy grail fragrances! The perfumed body cream comes packaged in the same familiar red box as the Eau de Toilette and Parfum.

I was told to skip the parfum or EdT because the cream is so heavily concentrated and indeed it is. It comes sealed with foil liner on the top but I could smell the familiar fragrance before removing that seal. It is an incredibly thick cream and is filled all the way to the top. A little goes a long way with this cream, I applied it while my skin was still damp from my shower and it glided so well on my skin. Not sticky at all and leaves your skin well moisturized. Having very dry skin, I at times feel that some perfumed lotions don't provide enough moisture and have to apply an unscented lotion under the scented one.

Where I don't get a lot of incense in either the EdT or Parfum, I get a lot of incense in this fragrance after the initial application. After a while the rest of the fragrance comes into play which is just incredible, this is more of the parfum strength of the fragrance over the EdT. As it's been very hot and humid out this was the best way to apply the fragrance as I'd found both the parfum and Eau de Toilette far too heavy. One could certainly mix this with a bit of unscented lotion to make the strength of the fragrance weaker or layer it with the fragrance to make it stronger.

This is a must have item if you love POTL and is suitable as an all day fragrance any time of the year. They staying power of this is incredible, It's been on my skin for twelve hours and I can still smell it on my skin. As the day goes on, the strength of the fragrance slowly dissipates but you are still left with enough of the scent.

POTL Perfumed Body Creme retails for $95/200 ml at both Beautyhabit and Luscious Cargo.

For a limited time if you order the POTL Parfum from Luscious Cargo you get a free t-shirt (a $35 value) and they have free shipping with code: EASYCODE on any order over $30 through 7/23

However, if you are swayed by a discount rather than free clothing you can order the parfum at La Creme Beauty for 10% off until tomorrow (7/22) with code: summer

Darling Sand - just a quick hello and that I have missed posting on your lovely blog. Thanks for this review.

Sounds great! I generally do not care for scented creams, but this one might be an exception. Of course, the last thing I need is another temptation... :)
MORE incense than the POTL EDT??? Don't tempt me Sand... :)

I know you have heard it from me before, but your style of posting is so charming and succinct; your blog is such an enjoyable read. :) Have a good weekend!

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