Wednesday, July 20, 2005


Temperare 01

Temperare 01

I couldn't wait to try the Temperare line of fragrances as I like most people love chocolate! Chocolate fragrances on me can smell divine like Dawn Spencer Hurwitz's Piment et Chocolat or smell just awful on me like Mandy Aftel's Cacao which was created with Scharfenberger Chocolate.

This is what Temper Chocolates has written about the Temperare fragrances on their site:

Temperare by Temper Chocolates

In conjunction with San Francisco-based perfumer Yosh Han, Temper Chocolates has created its own line of customized perfumes. This unique collection of three perfumes features distinctive and enticing scents that are unified by the common ingredient of cocoa. But unlike other chocolate perfumes, cocoa is only one component of these fine fragrances and does not overwhelm the subtle notes of the perfumes.

Temperare 01

Inspiration: Asian pear dipped in chocolate with crystallized ginger nuggets

Key Notes: White Ginger, Pear, Chocolate, Cardamom, Litsea cubeba, blood orange, pink grapefruit, and fresh ginger

Fragrance family: fruity, citrus

Description:Finding the off road winery that specializes in sparkling wines is like finding that sparkle of diamond amidst the dirt. This fragrance has the effervescence of both those experiences plus hidden treasures that delight the senses. The cardamom unearths a deep spice that dances the tango with the dark chocolate. Joined in heated passion, the energy between all the ingredients is lively and charismatic. The blood orange and pink grapefruit and pear add the innocence and sweet purity of young school girls screaming with sheer delight and giddiness. As they say in Japan, "Kawa-ii" This fragrance is edible.

Temperare 01 opens up with a citrus burst which dies down incredibly fast on me, the next note that opens up is the pear. Pear is a not I'm mixed about and for the most part can do without it in fragrances. Then comes the ginger which is very bold on my skin, if you've tested Yosh Stargazer 7.71 this is the same ginger that's in that fragrance. The entire fragrance is more pear and ginger than anything else to me.

While a lovely fragrance it isn't one that I feel the need to include in my collection. It's a fragrance that can easily be worn as an all day fragrance year round but I'd prefer to wear it more in the autumn. They staying power of this fragrance is very good as as are all the Yosh fragrances that I've tested.

Temperare 01 retails for $100/15 ml and is sold at La Creme Beauty, Lucky Scent and Luscious Cargo.

Kawaii!! Is it really cutsey-cute?? You know that now, I absolutely must try this. It blows my mind how much Japanese you know, Sand. It's pretty cool.
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