Friday, July 22, 2005


Temperare 02

Temperare 02

After having tested Mandy Aftel's Cacao which features both jasmine and chocolate (notes also found in this fragrance) I have to admit I was a bit afraid to test Temperare 02. I wondered why anyone would anyone attempt to mix those two notes into one fragrance after the Cacao fiasco.

Temperare 02

Inspiration: Secret stash of goodies

Key Notes: Jasmin sambac, chocolate, china lily, helichrysum, artemesia

Fragrance family: floral, green

Description:The effect of this fragrance is a dark chocolate with a jasmine ganache center. With beautiful silk screened floral decoration on top with teal / gold shimmer effect. In other words, luxurious like a heavy silk. The most gorgeous tapestry with detailed embroidery without pretense - sheer elegance.

The chocolate in here is subtle and faded much too soon on my skin! This is a primarily jasmine and lilies mix on my skin, like a bouquet that's been given time to age a bit. After a while the lilies disappeared and I was left with jasmine with a soft powdery finish. I happened to have been wearing Serge Lutens A La Nuit and this complimented it very well.

While this is a green fragrance, I think this fragrance could easily be worn year round because it's not too green more earthy than anything else. The staying power of this fragrance could have been better, after about two hours I couldn't even detect it on my arm.

Temperare 02 retails for $120/15 ml. at La Creme Beauty, Lucky Scent and Luscious Cargo.

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