Tuesday, July 19, 2005


Tipton Charles Sandalwood

Tipton Charles Sandalwood

I wanted to wear a sandalwood fragrance today but didn't want it to be too heavy as it's been so humid lately so I settled on Tipton Charles Sandalwood. It's not a traditional sandalwood fragrance, far more floral than anything else.

I was able to find the notes on MUA which were listed as:
Top: jasmine, lime, rose, clove
Middle: pine needle, heliotrope, lavender
Base: musk (synthetic), vanilla, sandalwood

All of those are notes that I like but somehow the entire fragrance smells just awful on me for about five minutes after initial application. The top and middle notes last for a long time in this fragrance and for some reason the lime seems to be the heaviest note on my skin followed by the lavender. However, after wearing this fragrance for a while the sandalwood seems to get stronger.

It's not the best fragrance on the market and certainly not the best sandalwood fragrance but for the price it really can't be beat. Perfect to wear year round but I really like it as an all day fragrance on a warm day. Lasting power of this fragrance is really high on my skin.

Tipton Charles Sandalwood retails for $26/4 oz. and is available through Tipton Charles.

I'm sorry about that first five minutes, S!! It's good on me from the very beginning. Chemistry, go figure. xoxoxo
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