Tuesday, July 12, 2005


WW: Again the scale won't move!

WW: Again the scale won't move!

Man, I did everything this week and the scale didn't budge! Going to try to change things up a bit this week and see how that goes. I notice I'm not as angry and hostile when I find out my weight hasn't changed, perhaps I should be? I don't want to get too disappointed when the scale won't budge but at the same time I don't want to feel too comfortable with it not moving. I'm going to try to limit my consumption of meat this week and see how effective that is.

just done the WW thing myself (hit my target weight last week!) and i had weeks of staying-the-same at various points

think of it this way: at least you are not gaining...

(did you get some irritating quote on WW website? grrrrrrr)

hang in there!
Don't get discouraged! It comes in chunks sometimes, and my scale hasn't moved in WEEKS. I'm concentrating on being healthy instead. *clenches teeth*
Don't get too discouraged! I'm doing WW as well, and last week I was up almost two pounds...only to go down by 3 THIS week. So stay positive!
The scale will move eventually....just stick with it.
You totally rock!
My spirits are still high and while the scale isn't moving I do notice small changes in how things are fitting on me!
You're doing great if your clothes are fitting better on you. My husband's been at a standstill with his weight but he's been working out and his shoulders are much broader than they were, making him look like he's lost more than he has. Keep going--it all makes a difference!!
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