Monday, July 25, 2005


WW: Buttercream Coma

WW: Buttercream Coma

This is the first time I weighed myself since my birthday as I was a bit afraid to do so last week. The weekend of my birthday I chose to not workout or eat healthy and binged on buttercream birthday cake and Ben & Jerry's Coffee Heath Bar Crunch, I am weak when it comes to sugar. I ended up feeling so sick what I refer to now as the buttercream coma.

As much as people tell you that calories don't count on your birthday, they really do. I actually think they count double because on your birthday you are given the chance to start anew and have the opportunity to eat healthy so if you binge like I did then you pay for it even more.

I didn't even want to know how many pounds I packed on but it wasn't pretty. I weighed in this week and the bad news that I'm at the same weight as two weeks ago but the good news is I burned off whatever was gained during the buttercream coma.

To make matters worse when I logged in my weight online, Weight Watchers didn't give me a funky little quote so I am quoteless for the week! *sobs*

The good news from last week, I finished Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince and today Details magazine came in with David Beckham on the cover!

Becks in Details

Luckily Mr. Beckman had no calories so we can enjoy him at great length!!

Hang in there Sand. I know what you mean about birthday indulgences. They just get you off on the wrong foot.

Of course I spelt his name wrong, Beckman being a brand of spectrophotometer I'm acquainted with. Yikes.
Aw, I'll give you a quote, Sand! "You survived the birthday binge and got right back on track--good for you!"
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