Monday, July 04, 2005


WW: Exercise will be the death of me.

WW: Exercise will be the death of me.

I got on the scale today and found out I lost 2.2 lbs. this week which is really good considering the pilates fiasco that went on. I decided last week that I should add pilates to my workout routine. I had done an easier pilates workout in the past but I borrowed my sister's Windsor pilates set I thought it would be better right?

Well, I get to the first workout and the first thing you're taught to do is breathe which is easy. Then you're taught to pump your arms up and down while breathing. Then you're taught to lift your legs, pump your arms up and down while breathing. Then you're taught to lift your neck, your legs, pump your arms while still breathing. So I got the neck, legs and arms pat down and I feel like I'm going to faint - why? I'm not breathing! I keep trying it over and over and again i'm not breathing. After a while my neck is strained, my arms feel like they are going to fall off, my spine is killing me and my legs are about to give out and all I can do is breathe!

I decided okay I can't do pilates, what should I add instead? Weights - sounds perfect right? I mean I used to lift weights all the time! Nevermind that they were two pound weights, they were still weights! But I'm stronger now, I can up it a little and do four pound weights! So I'm pumping away and all the sudden the weight slips from my hand and falls on my chest! BAM! I'm now sporting a golfball sized bruise on my chest!

Maybe I won't hurt myself too bad if I do aerobics? I'll try it this week and see how it turns out - if I die, you know what happened!

You are doing so good best friend!
I am slowly inching my way to the 10 pound mark. It has taken forever!
You are one of my inspirations!
(((Sand))) They DO say "no pain, no gain" but I don't think this is what they're talking about... I admire your tenacity! Many people would have given up by now. Keep the faith :)
Oh man. You're doing great, though! Aerobics. Oy. Don't try it! I have old school images of people in legwarmers and leotards... kickboxing! Try kickboxing!
Eek! Painful Pilates! There's an old saying in China that exercising without developing skill is a waste of time, even if you do it your whole life. So why not do a sport? Take fencing, tennis, volleyball, do in-line skating, boxing, tap-dancing, whatever you're into! It's much easier to motivate to exercise when you're having fun and you're working toward some other goal. A friend of mine once showed up for a visit looking EXTREMELY shapely, and I said, "Whoa, new diet?" and she said, "No, I'm taking this bellydancing class." Bellydancing! Now that's more fun than pilates. Do something fun!
Aerobics isn't really all that bad. I've been doing it (again) for almost 3 months now and although I haven't lost a damn pound and actually gained a couple I have noticed I lost maybe an inch or two. The way I see it at least I'm doing something to try and stay healthy-right? The main thing is that you've got to stick to it and that's the really hard part. It's easy to lose focus and make excuses and give up. Keep trying till you find your niche. Try walking an hour everyday, make a great dance cd and dance the pounds away (sweat baby sweat), or just go to your local YMCA where the classes are smaller and no one cares if you look like Barbie naturally or otherwise.
Weights are good for body sculpting and strength but we all need cardio workouts for breathing. Whatever you do just stay active to the extent that you do not drop off...For cardio I prefer dance (and salsa is my most favorite, especially with a partner who can dance).
Yay Sandra! Keep up the good work buddy. :-)
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