Monday, August 22, 2005


Acqua Classica Borsari

Acqua Classica Borsari Parma

It's rainy season here and it's been so hot and humid. I was hoping to wear something light today that made enough of an impact so I chose to sample Acqua Classica from Bosari di Parma.

According to the notes on this carded sample, Bosari's 1870's history is embedded in the Italian Perfume Industry, and the collection is housed in the Palazzina Bosari 1870 collection in Parma documents the major stages in the development of the fashions, graphics and craft of the perfumes themselves from 1870 to 1950.

Regarding Acqua Classica, unchanged since Lodovico Bosari created it in 1880. Acqua Classica Bosari Parma is still made in accordance with the original formula, based on citrus, sage, geranium, sandalwood, leather and oak musk essences. It adds a refreshing and elegant tough at any time of day.

It opens up very citrusy and the sage really comes out but when it dries down, the sandalwood and leather come out very, very lightly. It's easily a unisex fragrance but don't be put off if you don't like masculine scents because this isn't really a masculine scent - it's light and soft and would smell beautiful on either sex.

Acqua Classica isn't just a warm weather fragrance. Out here, the weather stays warm during the day until late October when it really starts getting cold but for the most part at night so this would be a perfect fragrance to as late summers turn into autumn but could easily be worn year round. The staying power could be better on my skin but for the price, you could really afford to spray just a little bit more each time.

Acqua Classica retails for $24.00/1.7 oz. for the regular bottle or $26.00/1.7 oz for the gift boxed bottle and is available through B-glowing where with code MUA it knocks the final price down to $21.60.

Hey, that sounds pretty good!
I love Acqua Classica, thanks for featuring this very underrated scent!
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