Monday, August 22, 2005


All this is mine mailing list win

Yay, a win!

I'm on the All This Is Mine mailing list and last week the owner Sugene decided to have a contest where the first one to post all six related tea items on the site would win a grab bag of zines, stuff from The Sampler and other odds and ends.
I was the first one to respond and here are links to all the tea related items on the site:
Tea Bag Doll - I want one so bad! I can't wait until they are back in stock!
Tea Party Stationary Set
I heart Tea Letterpress set
Tub Tea
I heart Tea t-shirts
Tea and Bread button set

That cool French Letter Writing Patch is only .75 and the button sells for .50

See that really creepy Paul Simon journal? That's from Kat's Meow and I was really bummed that I didn't get one in my sampler but now I have one! Awesome!!! By the way, Kat's Meow has the journals 35% off until August 30th with code: katbday.

Going to read a zine tonight before going to bed as I have such a Bublérrible morning to look forward to!

Love those colors, Sand.

You are definitely a lucky one in that winning department! I remember a post once on MUA about your winnings.

Be well, and thank you for your kind words on MUA. I appreciate them.
You WANTED the "creepy" Paul Simon journal? You crack me up.
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