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I'm in an autumn scent of mind and can't wait to wear spicy heavy fragrances. The weather is still quite warm out here so I can't wear them for a while but that doesn't mean I can't test them. Today, I'm wearing AQABA which is described on the website as:

AQABA, the jeweled city on an ancient caravan route upon which luxurious cargos of gold, perfumes and fine silks passed.
In AQABA, amidst all that is precious,Queen of Sheba captivated the heart of a monarch to become his cherished queen.
For Sheba, king Solomon built fleets of ships to sail her incense, aromatic oils and spices to Far East kingdoms.
Oriental Floral Spice
Notes comprise ancient ingredients used by the Queen of Sheba during her reign of Southern Arabia thousands of years ago.
Diffusitive top notes of exotic Bulgarian Rose, Cinnamon, Cardamom and an array of Red Sea Flowers, long treasured for their powers to evoke romantic passions carry mid-notes of Nightblooming Egyptian Jasmine, Damascus Rose, Clove. Frankincense combined with Peach, White Cedarwood, and Fragrant Oak Moss capture Sheba's lust for adventure and courage and curiosity.
What I love the most about this fragrance are the top notes, the smell is incredibly beautiful! It's the perfect spicy rose! But alas, it doesn't last! After it dries down it's still a beautiful fragrance, with lots of spice and incense that hugs the floral bouquet.
This is absolutely perfect as an all day autumn fragrance! It goes on a bit strong when first applied but seems to get weaker as the day goes on so the staying power isn't as good as I would have liked. This is a fragrance that I'd love to have in my collection!

AQABA retails for $125/3.3 oz. which can be purchased directly from the site or or $85/1.7 oz. at B-glowing or Luckyscent. B-glowing has the best price with code:MUA which would knock it down to $76.50.

great autumn choice, S. I love this one. xoxo
I like that one, too! But I'm backwards—I find the spicy topnote sort of cliche, but the tea-tinged drydown to be mouthwatering. Gotta get myself a bottle one of these days.
S, we are polar opposites: I hate, hate, hate to see summer go. I will be wearing my citrus scents far into the fall in the spirit of denial. That said, Aqaba is a great scent and I need to revisit it.
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